Enron ERISA lawsuit


If you have any questions or information pertaining to this litigation, please contact the paralegal working on the case, Mr. Mark Gangl, or the attorneys working on the case: Ms. Britt Tinglum, Mr. Derek Loeser, or Mr. Lynn Sarko at (800) 776-6044, or our Phoenix Office at (602) 248-0088, or via e-mail at enronsettlement@gardencitygroup.com. Please be sure to include "ENRON ERISA INQUIRY" on the subject line of your e-mail. In order to expedite a response to your inquiry, please include the following information:

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For purposes of this settlement, the Class is defined as beneficiaries and participants in the Enron Corp. Savings Plan (401K), the Enron Corp. Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and/or the Enron Corp. Cash Balance Plan and any and all predecessors and successors to such plans (the “Plans”) anytime during the period January 1, 1995 through June 7, 2002. If you fit any of these descriptions, then you are considered a Class Member, and need not do anything further.

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